Foodie Friday

It’s that time of year when the sweltering summer begins to die down only to welcome weirdly named hurricanes to our neck of the woods. Miami is no doubt a very special place to harbor extreme weather. We usually like to retreat to the comfort of a restaurant and eat our worries away. Not sure which establishment will be the chosen one this weekend, but with Hermine looming in, we’ll be sure to indulge in a culinary feast somewhere cozy. Do you have any plans for this stormy weekend? We hope you take full advantage of a weekend with little expectations and eat to your heart’s desire. In the meantime, we leave you with this week’s fun foodie link pack to kick things off! Enjoy!

These marble cakes are to die for. (via Tasting Table) 

Five chefs give us the scoop on how they would spruce up frozen pizza. (via Bon Appetit) 

Because it’s still not too late for a summer recipe. Here’s to Peach and Tomato Panzanella. (via a Cup of Jo)

3D printed sugar? Yes, please. #socool (via DeJoost) 

Best holiday cocktails from around the world. (via T + L) 

A list of where to eat the best Mac & Cheese in Miami. (via Eater)

Top fast food restaurants in America. Because summer road trips. (via Time Out) 


Cheers to a foodie adventure this weekend!

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