Foodie Friday

Cheers, kids, you made it to another edition of Foodie Friday! Do you have any fun plans this weekend? We hope you’ve been following our #MiamiSpiceMonday series as a guide to take advantage of the program that will be around until the end of September. Until then, we will continue to explore the many options around town and hope you share your experiences as well. We leave you with a few fun foodie links from around the web and hope you have an amazing weekend!

It’s August. In South Florida. Here are the 12 most unusual frozen dishes in Miami. (via Eater)

The reason why Starbucks has its own size names. (via Insider) 

PSA: Chocolate Reduces the Effects of Sleep Deprivation. (via the Zoe Report) 

The 50 best sandwiches in America. (via Tasting Table) 

And here are the best food items to eat in every state. Period. (via Oprah)

And while we’re listing”best ofs,” here are the best burgers in the U.S. (via Food & Wine) 

Cheers to a foodie adventure this weekend!


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