Foodie Friday

Welcome to another edition of Foodie Friday! We’re so excited to have a weekend of no plans other than hanging out at home with the occasional trip outdoors for a meal. Do you guys have any fun plans this weekend? If you do, we hope it also includes some time off and a visit to one of the many restaurants we’ve been sharing with you the last few weeks (it’s been so busy for us!) While you brainstorm and peruse the blog, we leave you with a fun foodie link pack to unravel and get you excited about all things food related. Enjoy!

A new foodie app that will make your pics look extra delicious! (via Tasting Table) 

What happens when you buy wine based on the label. (via Bon Appetit) 

How to make homemade animal cookies. Game Over. (via A Cozy Kitchen) 

Chef’s Table returns to Netflix next month. New meaning to Netflix and Chill (via the Tasting Table) 

The best foodie floaty in all the land. Get summer ready. (via Third Drawer Down) 

When food becomes art. This is amazing! (via Design Fetish) 

Ten best new restaurants in Miami. P.S. Zest tops the list. (via Time Out Miami) 


Cheers to a foodie adventure this weekend!

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