Foodie Friday

Happy Friday! We’re officially more than half way through June, which means we’re more than half way through the year. Sometimes we have to make a valiant effort to slow down and really enjoy the moment. So this weekend, our hope is to take things very slow. To savor every meal and take our sweet time to really soak in the moment. A big task for the little things. We suggest you try it too. And, why not start by reading our foodie link pack? This week we found fun links on everything from how to make the perfect scrambled eggs to a YouTube video of a small boy explaining why he won’t eat animals! Enjoy!

How to make the perfect scramble eggs. (via Hither and Tither)

What exactly is Gluten Free (other than miserable!) (via Ted)

Because if you have this blanket, you’re going to win at summer picnics. (via Blue Ribbon General Store)

This Instagram account is why we love food and the Internet. (via Instagram)

Because your cup of tea needs a table. Cute! (Via Etsy)

This heirloom potato salad is a thing of art. Also, we’d really like to eat it. (via Cupcakes and Cahsmere)

This kid explains to his mom why he’s a vegetarian! (Via YouTube) 


Cheers to a foodie adventure this weekend!

Mitch & Mel


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