Dashi at River Yacht Club Dazzles with Delight

By Caitlin Marino

There’s something exquisite about the simplicity of Japanese cuisine.  Maybe I say that because layers of excessive toppings or sauces aren’t needed to create refreshing, soul-filling food? Less is more when it comes to this cuisine. Thankfully for Miamians, we have Dashi (401 SW 3rd Ave, Miami) to shine in on our city’s ever-growing culinary playing field. Tucked away inside River Yacht Club, the 80-seat restaurant offers spectacular river views and dishes so impeccably presented you’d think it was art.

Menu highlights: Dashi’s menu features a variety of à la carte selections broken down into sections such as hot and cold dishes, salads, soups and udons, and sushi, and sashimi. In order to get the full experience of the array of options, I suggest choosing one (or two!) plate(s) from each section as I did. Start off with the Zucchini Noodle which is tossed in a yummy creamy sesame sauce. Also, super random for Japanese cuisine, but a total must try, is the Cauliflower drizzled in a curry sauce.

I’m not usually a fan of fried fish, but the White Fish Kara-age was flawlessly battered and complemented with a touch of lime. The Sashimi Mori-Awase features a sampler of tuna, salmon, horse mackerel, yellowtail, and Japanese snapper sashimi pieces.

Finally, top it all off with either Black Sesame Chocolate and/or Cherry Blossom Macarons for dessert.

Standout dishes: Don’t laugh, but the Tomato Salad was incredible! I know you’re probably thinking “of all things on the menu?!” but I promise that the yuzu, wasabi oil, and soy salt combination will have you scraping the bowl to savor every single drop. However, without a doubt, the out-of-this-world Hamachi Ponzu was the highlight of my night. I could have definitely made room to devour a few plates of this melt-in-your-mouth goodness.

Are we boozing? With a menu full of creative whisky and sake cocktail options, how could I say no? Check out the Dashi (Suntori Taki whisky, lime juice, youki, seaweed broth & maple syrup) for a strong, yet flavorful surprise, or try my favorite called Tanto (Stoli Elite, raspberry, lychee, lemon & Tyku premium junmai daiginjo) for a sweeter option.

Pro tip: I was once told in Peru to never have more than two pisco sours as they can be surprisingly easy to take down but the effects can creep up on you. Same applies here. Super delicious cocktails but definitely not underwhelming on the amount of alcohol included. Not complaining though!

Check this place out if you like: Kuro at the Seminole Hard Rock Hollywood, as Dashi creator Shuji Hiyakawa is the former executive sushi chef there! Dashi is also great for those who generally just like to order one of everything on the menu. The portions are tapas-sized, so they’re great for ordering many plates sin pena.

Caitlin’s take: Dashi is the kind of place you want to splurge on to enjoy those important celebratory nights (aka an anniversary or birthday dinner.) The upscale vibe, beautiful view and mouthwatering food absolutely earned my 10-out-of-10 vote. Can’t wait to return soon!


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