Blown Away by Craft Cafe

Words by Hamilton Barkley
Photos by Sophia Costabal

Hi there, Hami here! I’m excited to be contributing again for my pals, Mitch & Mel! I just love it when they send me on pawsome foodie assignments. My mission this time? To visit the newest culinary addition to the Avalon Hotel – Craft Cafe (700 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach). On a particularly windy and sunny Sunday morning, I headed to the Craft Café to be completely blown away and the selection of drool-worthy creative coffee concoctions. Yes, that’s right. BLOWN. AWAY. Figuratively and literally! Just check out my wind-swept beard!

Menu highlights: Creative coffee concoctions. Say that five times fast. The ultimate tongue twister and something that the Craft Café does beautifully. Twist our tongues in delight with a plethora of coffee beverages to choose from. During my visit, I tried a Mint-infused Café Latte with caramelized sugar swizzle… Yeah, it tasted even fresher and more delicious than it sounds.

Hami Tip: this latte is not on the menu, so make sure to ask the staff for it. You’re welcome.

No coffee would be complete without a paw-fect carbohydrate pairing. Croissants, baguettes and fusette rolls, oh my! Craft Café gives any French bakery a run for their money. Just look at their croissants: light, airy, layered deliciousness.

Looking for an uber-filling meal? Craft Café has these too! Salads, sandwiches, and paninis. The Rustique Panini I ordered (with ham, mozzarella, and tomato) was simple, but very delicious. Sometimes, simple really is better!

Standout dishes: Everything I had at Craft Café was paw-fection and picking only one standout ‘dish,’ or beverage in this case, is quite difficult. So, I will call it a tie for my favorite. The first, a Craft Café signature latte called the Karamel Mousse. A whole LATTE wow, pun intended. The latte is prepared with freshly ground, organic coffee beans and the glass it is served in, is rimmed with a caramel and pecan drizzle, which is then topped with a glorious cream-stuffed pastry. You guys… is this real life?

My other favorite concoction? One of Craft Café’s extravaganza frappes, the Kickshaw. The base is a chocolate frappe which is then topped with chocolate whipped cream, a peanut butter cup, a chocolate waffle cone, and M&Ms. So much fun and sweetness in one mug!

Are we boozing? I’m totally underage so I was not able to booze during my visit, however Craft Café does offer a wide selection of beers, wine, and mixed cocktails. Their 32 Oz. Wake-Up Calls consist of fresh fruits or veggies and your alcohol of choice, which are then infused in a French press for maximum extraction of flavor. Fun, right?

Check this place out if you like: Coffee, sweets and baked goods. Trust me, totally worth it!

Hami’s take: My human (and paw-blicist) and I will absolutely be back to Craft Café and we highly recommend you go check it out ASAP. It is the paw-fect fusion of French café meets Willy Wonka dessert bar. The coffee is fresh and delicious, whether you want it plain or you feel like jazzing it up with a wide-selection of sweet toppings. The pastries are super on-point and the service is warm, friendly, and inviting. Best of all? You get to savor all this greatness while enjoying the beautiful views of Ocean Drive and South Beach. Two Paws Up for Craft Café.

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