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Brunch tends to be my favorite meal of the weekend. It’s the combination of breakfast (which houses my favorite food items) thrown in with some mimosas – we all know cocktails make everything better. It’s also the sad realization that Monday is looming and that the workweek is about to begin. The latter usually makes me want to max out the brunch experience and Casabe 305 Bistro had just the fix.

I may be a tad bit obsessed with the décor. Located on the busy Coral Way, it’s like a cottage escape of the city’s hustle and bustle. It’s a house turned restaurant that feels like you’ve had a momentary escape to the country. With its bed and breakfast feel, you’ll soon realize this escape includes arepas, perico (scrambled eggs with various vegetables), shredded beef, beans and yes, endless mimosas. I ordered the yuca fries, which were pretty good and came with a creamy dipping sauce. The bite-size tequeños (bread dough with white cheese) were better than the yuca and had a guava and chipotle sauce that was a nice kick of sweet and spice.

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For the big bang, I ordered the brunch platter that brought the infamous Venezuelan Perico, an arepa, grated white cheese, beans, avocado, shredded beef and sweet plantains. The portion size was bountiful. We definitely got our money’s worth for $25 a plate. The endless mimosas are another $25 per person, so this is not the most budget friendly place to visit. Overall, the platter was pretty damn good and the food was spot on authentic. I’m still obsessing about the warmth of the décor, but the food also did not disappoint.We had a lovely, quiet Sunday and thoroughly enjoyed our meal. I’d say it’s a good spot for a relaxed, lay-low brunch. At the very least, it’s a nice retreat from all the other jaded Miami brunch spots.

As for dinner, we’ve heard mix reviews, but the nice waiter mentioned that it’s usually a pre-set 7-course menu. You might want to call beforehand to get a feel for the day’s food and price point.

Mel’s recommendation: Brunch is a go, venture with caution for dinner. The food is good and we’d probably make a second visit if it involved a group meal since the place is so welcoming and cozy.


Standout Dishes
Tequeños with Guava and Chipotle Sauce
Brunch platter




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