Truffle Madness at Cafe Des Arts

On a Monday night not too long ago, our #foodiefriend Sara invited us to Café des Arts in South Beach. We didn’t know much about what to expect, but what we did know was that a truffle dinner had been prepped to welcome us. That was reason enough to get us uber excited.

Café des Arts is a concept started by Pierre-Antoine Navarro and his partner Philippe Carteau who together have opened restaurants all over France. The restaurant has a lush, cool patio where we dined on a perfectly crisp February night. Inside, you’ll find progressive art with graffiti of iconic names like Albert Einstein and one of my fashion heroes, Bridget Bardot. We were totally smitten upon arrival but it wasn’t really until we sat down for dinner that our bellies fell head over heels in love.


Café des Arts has a myriad of truffle selections and is one of the few places in Miami that serves French truffle, which is known for its black aesthetics and seasonal during the winter. Our decadent meal at Café des Arts consisted of several truffle dishes all of which had ingredients to shine brightly on their own. Below, enjoy a round-up of our Café des Arts truffle affair.

Truffle Pizza – delicious, cheesy and light. This is the kind of truffle combination that a first-timer would fall hard for. The truffle is not too rich and gives it just the right amount of pungency.


Truffle Beef Carpaccio – the carpaccio is the perfect light appetizer to kick-off any meal!


Truffle Scrambled Eggs – holy moly! This dish was really superb and dare I say some of the best eggs I’ve ever had. They weren’t the traditional kind of scrambled we are all using to eating, but rather a fluffy texture – almost cloud-like – that melts in your mouth. Needless to say, the dish lends itself to eat during any meal of the day – breakfast, lunch or dinner. This is the truffle item on the menu to choose if you’re having trouble picking just one!


Truffle Risotto – at first, we thought we were getting round two of the eggs because they look so much alike, but then we pleasantly discovered that this was risotto! The truffles gave this delicious risotto a slightly garlicky taste that led us to finish the plate far too soon.


Truffle Rigatoni – another excellent selection for those who are curious about truffle and pasta!


The desserts were absolutely delicious. We tried a bit of all the selections in-house, which consisted of Pineapple Carpaccio (perfect for the fruit lovers); Sorbet (a refreshing end to our truffle journey); Chocolate Mousse (an oldie, but very much a goodie); and the grand finale, Crème Brulee with Lavender (a juxtaposition of rich custard and caramel with the softness of lavendar.)

IMG_7255 IMG_7263 IMG_7257 IMG_7268It should also be noted that Café des Arts has a serious Monday night celebration that is notorious on the beach as the place to be. Any restaurant that’s willing to make Mondays a bit more bearable is a total winner in my book!


Mel’s take: I love how French this place feels and how it calls SoFi home. I’m also very impressed with any establishment (restaurant or otherwise) that can host over-the-top celebrations on a Monday night. It’s ambitious and I dig it. I love the ambience here and the food goes far beyond the truffle menu, we’ve heard there’s all sorts of delicious things to try!

Standout dish: The Truffle Scrambled Eggs far exceeded any eggspectations I may have had (see what I did there? Sorry!) On a slightly serious note, I’m not a huge egg fan. Most of the time, I feel like they are either too runny or too cooked. I’m never fully satisfied when I have an egg, and I hear from the experts that if you cook an egg well, you’ve mastered the kitchen. Well, bravo to Café des Arts for this truffle rendition. These eggs would make a believer out of any skeptic. The truffle pizza also takes an honorable mention. So damn good.

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