We Say ‘Si’ to Burrito San

By Caitlin Marino

There are times when I think that Miami is a city fixated on attempting to stay on trend with the ‘next best thing’ in food. One of those trends is the “hybrid” restaurant. Naturally, Miami lends it self to certain food hybrids being the melting pot of Latin (and other cultures) that it is. Think Nikkei (Peruvian and Japanese), Jamaisan (Jamaican and Chinese), and almost anything the Cuban community touches (from pizza to Chinese and more). Recently we’ve seen the arrival of more modern hybrids like Loba (Latin and Southern Comfort), Sarsaparilla Club (American Dim Sum), and Cardón y el Tirano (Pan-Latin). In my humble opinion, the geniuses at Burrito San became the newest MVPs of restaurant hybrids in our city when they decided to combine sushi and… burritos!

Bringing their quick service restaurant concept and casual ambiance to Downtown Miami, Burrito San offers a solid list of fresh and healthy sushi burritos, each packed with a variety of flavorful ingredient combinations.

Burrito San_21

I kicked off my healthy fix at Burrito San with soup. The restaurant offers two types if you’re looking for a small appetizer before diving into your burrito experience. Stepping outside of my miso soup comfort zone, I decided to try the other option on the menu: the Coconut Lemongrass Chicken Soup. The coconut milk broth had a good flavor, but I did feel it was a bit anticlimactic; maybe because I was too excited for the main course?

After my appetizer, I knew I was in the mood for some sort of a salmon roll. To my luck, Burrito San had just added two new salmon rolls to their menu: the Sumo Salmon Roll and the Salmon-Rai Hai Roll. Although they are both very similar as far as ingredients, they were exactly what I was looking to try, so I unapologetically chose both. I saw the burritos being made first-hand (at the ordering station) and could easily tell that all of the ingredients were incredibly fresh. Burrito San didn’t hold back in providing a generous amount of each ingredient either. After the generous portions were served in my burrito, the nice folks at Burrito San magically figured out how to wrap it all together in a beautiful presentation.

Burrito San_1

Burrito San_7

Burrito San_9

The Sumo Salmon Roll comes jam packed with different tastes and textures. Featuring farm-raised salmon, crispy salmon skin, avocado, cucumber pickles, crispy shallots, and tagorashi mayonnaise, each and every bite had a combination of flavors that really come together when rolled to perfection, burrito-style.

Burrito San_11

I should note that the Burrito San burrito rolls can be ordered with either white or brown rice. On the Salmon-Rai Hai Roll, I went with brown rice. You know, to compensate for the extra calories from the cream cheese included in this roll that comes along with the farm-raised salmon, crispy salmon skin, avocado, cream cheese, cucumber pickles, crispy shallots, and cream citrus sauce. As far as flavor, the Salmon-Rai Hai is just as good as the Sumo Salmon, but if you’re a citrus lover like me, you might find that the cream citrus sauce makes this roll just a little more delicious.

Also, all rolls at Burrito San are served with homemade seasoned wonton chips which help increase the size of the food baby you’ll have if you’re able to finish the roll.

Burrito San_17

A wise foodie once said that there’s always room for dessert, and here at MMTM we do not disagree. Food babies be damned! At Burrito San, I loved seeing that mochi ice ceam was included on the with mango, green tea, and strawberry flavors (in order of recommendation). While they are all good, and probably have a more authentic taste, I still secretly favor the ones available at Trader Joe’s.

Burrito San_26


Caitlin’s take: In 2016, Burrito San was named the ‘Best Burrito in Miami’ by the Miami New Times and I fully validate the title. For a very reasonable price, you’re able to indulge in a feast using all-natural and healthy ingredients. Insider tip: Burrito San offers “buy one, get one 50% off” during Critical Mass on the last Friday of each month along with $3 craft beers from 5 – 10 pm, making for a great option to visit at least once a month.

Standout dish: The Salmon-Rai Hai roll is an excellent option for salmon lovers. The citrus sauce is a perfect complement to the avocado which brings a flavorful Caribbean-esque vibe to this roll. Brown rice is a good option for those conscious of calories, but I’d probably order it the traditional way with white rice the next time around.

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