Make it a B&B Summer

By Caitlin Marino

Miami’s burger fanatics have come to know and love Burger and Beer Joint (affectionately called B&B amongst locals) with its locations in Miami Beach and Brickell since 2009. The restaurant is known for its pairing of outrageous burgers and its no-frills, authentic sports bar vibe. Most recently, B&B opened its newest location in Dolphin Mall and it continues to the the perfect spot to rally the troops for an afternoon of enjoying finger lickin’ food, sharing a few pitchers of beer, and cheering on your favorite sports team.

B&B Doral_5

There’s currently a viral video floating around social media about the most over-the-top item on the B&B menu: the Mother Burger, which brings 10lbs. of premium Black Angus beef served with lettuce, tomato, and onion. If finished by one person within two hours, it’s free. But we’d suggest against provoking the mother of all food comas and instead enjoying some other favorites for a completely satisfying cheat day meal that won’t leave you in an unresponsive food coma but rather thoroughly satisfied.

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I started off this B&B visit with the Tempura Flour Fried Chicken Wings that come in either mild (87), medium (93), or hot (diesel) sauce. If you’re a spicy lover and like a challenge, I suggest stepping up to the plate to try the diesel level. Not impossible to survive, but the extra heat definitely gives a nice flavorful punch that you won’t be forgetting any time soon.

B&B Doral_34

Mac ‘n Cheese fans won’t be disappointed by the Mac Daddy Cheese Gratin. Three cheese mornay sauce, panko bread crumbs, and parmesan cheese make this an oozing plate of cheesy goodness.

B&B Doral_29

One of the most popular items on the menu is the Hotel California. Comprised of a ½ lb. premium beef patty, sharp cheddar cheese, grilled onions, fried egg, guacamole, jalapeño relish, and cilantro sour cream on a brioche bun, this is a definite must-try and even more so on those “Advil and sunglasses” type-of-days.

B&B Doral_46

B&B Doral_57

If you’re looking for a slightly more calorie conscious choice, but don’t want to compromise on taste, we’d suggest the Buck Nekkid which brings a ½ lb. premium beef patty, grilled onions, tomato, tarragon remoulade, and mushrooms all wrapped up neatly in a iceberg lettuce wrap. Simple yet delicious.

B&B Doral_51

B&B’s dessert menu is just as impressive as the appetizers and entrees. If by some miracle you have space left, we highly recommend treating yourself to The King, which brings Twinkie fritters, vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce. Need we say more?

B&B Doral_67

And of course, there’s the beer that’s meant to play complement to the menu but sometimes manage to take front and center since B&B offers a myriad of options from old-school favorites to innovative IPAs. The B&B menu also does a great job at giving recommendations for the burgers you might choose, making life oh-so-sweet and easy.

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Caitlin’s take: B&B has always been a personal favorite of mine for those days when I’m craving a juicy, flavorful burger. The new Doral restaurant has a more upscale vibe than its sister locations, but still stays true to its rock and roll roots with plasma TVs on every wall, an extensive beer list, and all of the traditional B&B grandiose burger creations.

Standout dish: Anything with a fried egg is usually a 10-out-of-10-would-recommend from me, but the Hotel California really knocks it out of the park. Packed with flavors and paired perfectly with an ice cold IPA, this dish gives a nod of successful reinforcement to the restaurant’s name; you can’t go wrong with this recommendation.

By: MMTM contributing writer, Caitlin Marino

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