Lechón Lunes: Monday Night is the Noche de Lechón at Bulla Gastrobar

By Caitlin Marino

As a staple in the Coral Gables culinary scene and having recently expanded to a second location in the ever-growing Downtown Doral area, Bulla Gastrobar (5335 NW 87th Ave, Doral) is pushing to the forefront with a new, exciting offer to make Mondays the day you look forward to the most. “Que? Who looks forward to a Monday?” you say? Ladies and gentlemen, I present: Noche de Lechón. Yes, a night specifically dedicated to honoring Miami’s favorite dish, and – how I like to think of it – a reward for surviving the hardest day of the work week.

Menu highlights: The prix-fixe Noche de Lechón menu features a Gazpacho Andaluz (Spanish chilled vegetable soup) as an appetizer, Lechón Asado (slow cooked marinated pork, grilled in josper,) Ensalada de Gallina (shredded chicken, Yukon potatoes, carrots, English peas,) Coleslaw (angel hair cabbage, grated carrots, sherry aioli,) and Patatas Panaderas (roasted heirloom potatoes, peppers and onions) for entrees/sides and finishes with Flan de Coco (coconut fan, passion fruit sorbet) for dessert. Yup, all of the aforementioned for just $40 for two guests.

You might be as confused as I was to find that the lechón wasn’t being paired with the typical arroz blanco y frijoles, but it’s actually a pretty creative combination of Bulla’s Spanish, Miami’s Cuban and Doral’s Venezuelan cultures to cater to that specific cultural fusion here in the 305 and, especially being located in “Doralzuela,” appeal to customers looking to have a little taste of home.

Standout dish: As a proud Cuban, I’m very picky about my lechón. The meat has to be tender yet flavorful and the skin has to be perfectly crisp. I am happy to report that Bulla passes this test with flying colors! The chef described the lechón preparation process as one that takes nearly one day to complete: roasting the pig at 120 degrees for 20 hours (to achieve the tenderness) and then 500 degrees for 45 minutes (to achieve the crisp skin.)

Also, I’ve already publically professed my love for anything passionfruit so you KNOW I was all about the dessert and cannot pass up the opportunity to highlight how amazing the flan-passionfruit sorbet combination was. Let’s just let the photo below speak for itself:

Are we boozing? Can’t say no to trying at least one of the drinks available on the extensive cocktail/wine menu. In fact, one of the first things you notice when walking into the establishment is the impressive bar! Check out the Sangria Blanca (cava, peach schnapps, triple sec, strawberries, blueberries,) Moscow Mule (Russian Standard vodka, Fever Tree ginger beer, fresh lime, cardamom & currant infused syrup, candied ginger,) Lemongrass Collins (St. Germain, Wint & Lila gin, lemongrass syrup, cucumber,) or Bullfighter (Bulleit bourbon, Aperol, Dow’s Port, lemon juice, cranberry.)

Check this place out if you like: to get a great bang for your buck. $40 for an appetizer, two sides, an entree and dessert for two? In the words of Miami’s favorite musical genius: DALE!

Caitlin’s take: “You can’t be mad when you end your Monday like this.”


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