Bienvenidos a Bocas House

By Melanie Galarce

Bocas House (10200 NW 25th Street #101, Doral) offers a Peruvian/Venezuelan fusion menu where you can find classic dishes of said cuisine like ceviche and grilled meats. You’ll also find the buzzy milkshakes that have gained social media notoriety for their extravagance.

Menu highlights: The menu is plentiful and vibrant with all sorts of options for the hungry foodie. Thankfully, we were treated to a little of everything, so we’re able to share a bird’s eye view for those of you looking to explore options.

First up where the Tequeños, a traditional Venezuelan dish, and Bocas House has their own version which consist of a baked rendition of the the cheese sticks wrapped in phyllo dough. For those who are stuck to their old way, they of course also offer the original fried version which is equally as appetizing and slightly more sinful.

I have nothing but amazing things to say about the Ceviche Sampler. The dish which is obviously meant to be shared has Corvina Ceviche, Bocas House Ceviche, Salmon Ceviche, and Vuelve a la Vida (return to life) Ceviche. This plate offers a colorful representation of the many ingredients and flavors that make up the Peruvian ceviche including lemon, onions, yellow peppers, and coriander among many more. It’s a dish as vibrant as it looks.

The Pastel de Cachapa is a Venezuelan-style fresh sweet corn cake, made with ground corn and the type of delicious carbs you want to consume in copious amounts. I’d call it the Spanish version of corn bread and it’s pretty darn good. Also, unlike the other dishes, it comes in a conservative size.

Last, but not least, was the the Tomahawk, a 48oz to 52oz steak with bone and all, grilled to your liking with grilled peppers, chorizo, blood sausage, asparagus, coleslaw, handmade chimichurri sauce, guasacaca and two signature sides. I get really full just writing that out for you, but if you’re coming to Bocas House with a meat lover, this is the one dish you’ll want to indulge in.

For the foodies who are a little hesitant to explore the heavy Latin cuisine, Bocas House offers items like the Mac and Cheese with yellow pepper, bacon powder, and crunchy onions. It’s an American classic dish that’s sure to put your stomach at ease.

Standout dishes: My favorite dish of the night was the Pulpo al Grill with tender pieces of Spanish octopus marinated in Peruvian aji panca sauce, served with golden potatoes and salsa criolla. It was one of the more simple items that made a lasting impression. The way the dish is served is very representative of the authenticity of Spanish cuisine with its sauces and spices and I stand by the motto of “less is more.”

Also, I’d be remiss not to mention the Milkshakes that have become Insta-famous with Miami food bloggers (you’ve probably seen these a time or two). They’re bigger-than-life, uniquely crafted milkshakes that have fresh, high-quality ingredients and will surely leave you in a food comma. Pictured below are the Nutella and Tres Leches varieties.

Are we boozing? Yes, kids, we are boozing. Don’t let the family-friendly vibe here fool you. You can enjoy sangria, beer, and wine. The selection may not be uberous, but, nonetheless, there are options and for that we rejoice. I would recommend you opt for the sweetness of the sangria, which is what we thoroughly enjoyed during our visit and few people tend to get right.

Check this place out if you like: Any place with either a Peruvian or Venezuelan influence on the menu. Places like Sabor a Peru on Biscayne or Cardón y el Tirano with Venezuelan cuisine. Both have had longevity because at their core they’ve stayed true to their authentic cuisines.

Mel’s take: Doral seems to surprise us a bit more with each passing day. However, long before the city had movie theaters and restaurants like Bulla and Dragonfly (that have a true culinary culture ingrained), it was places like Bocas House that kept the town alive. That’s probably why you’ll still find a lines on a Tuesday night for a table or why the over-the-top desserts have become cult favorites. If you haven’t already tried it, I would say you should trek out and give it a shot. It’s pretty darn good and at a very affordable price.


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