Bocas House Coral Gables: It’s More Than Just Milkshakes

By Santiago Cardona

Yeah, yeah. We get it. The milkshakes at Bocas House are decadent, delicious, and Instagram worthy. While this is all true, please don’t let the shakes be the only reason you go there. Like most of you, I only thought of Bocas House as “that place with the milkshakes.” But truth be told, I was extremely impressed with the quality of the food on a recent dinner at their new Coral Gables location (2 Aragon Ave, Coral Gables).

Menu highlights: Bocas House’s menu is Latin inspired and shines brightest when those dishes have Peruvian influence. I made my way through the menu to help you choose what to order. I guess you can say I took one for the team.

Start with famous Mac n Cheese and thank me later. There is so much cheese in this thing that you’ll have a harder time finding the pasta than anything. The cheese pull coming from the broiled and blistered top is picture perfect and merits a boomerang shot.

The classic Ceviche de Corvina is a great example of just how good Bocas House is at providing people with authentic Peruvian dishes. Just like any great ceviche, Bocas House prides itself on serving only the freshest fish, marinated in a leche de tigre sauce that is neither too sour, nor too salty. While I am accustomed to more acidic ceviches, this was a pleasant starter that didn’t blow out my taste buds.

Standout dish: The Bone-in Steak was cooked perfectly and have a beefy flavor that I only expect out of steakhouses. No doubt about it, this is quality meat. The portions are substantial, and truth be told, I was not expecting it to be as good as it was. The steak is served cut into slices and seasoned perfectly, giving you that umami kick that every steak should have. Pair it with some of that decadent Mac n cheese for steak Nirvana.

Are we boozing? If you like wine, then yes. While Bocas House does offer a full liquor menu, the wine selection is catered to pair perfectly with your food. Just ask your server what they recommend, and they will expertly guide you based on your food selection.

Check this place out if you like: Peruvian-inspired food in general. While there are quite a few Peruvian restaurants in Miami serving good food, Bocas House modernizes their concept and brings it to a generation that is geared towards social media and word of mouth.

Santi’s take: Bocas House’s concept and rise to fame is quite spectacular. Relying heavily on social media and the popularity of its shakes, this restaurant has established itself as a heavy hitter in South Florida. Though pictures of their shakes are what bring people in, the quality of the food is what will keep bringing people back. Bravo, Bocas House.


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