Modern Chinese Comes to Midtown

There’s a new kid on the block in Midtown. Blackbrick, the latest endeavor from Chef Richard Hales, focuses down his modern take on pan-Asian cooking (see Sakaya Kitchen & Dim Ssam a Go-Go) to cover one of America’s most beloved cuisines – Chinese food.

If you were thinking that modern Chinese means trendy décor and trendy ingredients, you’d be wrong. The only modern thing that those restaurants offer is a more expensive version of the normal food you can get from any takeout joint. On the flip side, Blackbrick’s modern offerings are more along the lines of providing its diners with a quality, chef-driven menu that highlights local and organic ingredients.

Looking for General Tso’s, Kung Pao and Pan-Fried Dumplings? Blackbrick’s got them, but you’ll have to settle for General Tso’s Gator, Kung Pao Rabbit and Lamb Dumplings. They’ve also got delicious takes on fried rice, Chinese flat breads and fresh noodle dishes. But, be sure to save room for dessert as Blackbrick has struck up a delectable partnership with Azucar Ice Cream Company, pairing their famous artisanal ice creams with homemade fortune cookies.

Mitch’s recommendation: It’s certainly not for the traditionalist or the timid eater, but check it out if you’ve got even the slightest sense of adventure and are looking for something new and interesting.


Standout Dishes
Salted Octopus
Roti Prata
Yueng Chow Duck Fried Rice
The Chairman’s Red Cooked Heritage Pork Belly
Wife Hale’s Homemade Fortune Cookie with Azucar Ice Cream Company’s Abuela Maria Ice Cream
Salt Octopus     
Roti Prata
Fried Rice
Pork Belly
Ice Cream

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