Brunch Bonanza at Bird & Bone

By Melanie Galarce

Do you guys remember that time that Mitch told you all about dinner at Bird & Bone? The restaurant, a self-proclaimed contemporary countryside farmhouse, offers soulful Southern cuisine through locally sourced ingredients from independent farms and organic butchers (so you feel a bit less guilty about the indulgent meal). Mitch might have told you all about the dinner, but on a rather steamy Sunday morning, I ventured to Bird & Bone’s home at The Confidante (4041 Collins Ave, Miami Beach) for brunch and was equally as impressed by the quality of the menu.

Menu highlights: Below is a quick overview of the many, many dishes I enjoyed at Bird & Bone, and that I’d highly recommend you give a try while on your brunch adventure:

Avocado Toast with two poached eggs, Benton’s ham bits, pink salt, olive oil, hemp seeds, and sprouts. This was a dish I chose because, as previously mentioned, I want to try and eat as healthy as possible with a growing child inside of me, but it was definitely a hit amongst the entire brunch table. Everyone seemed to really dig it.

Florida Cheddar & Chive Biscuits – game over. This is what you come to brunch for at Bird & Bone: biscuits and cheese. These are baked-to-order and bring Wife Hales’ Strawberry Preserves so you’ll want to make sure this is one of the first dishes you order.

At last, the Meat & Three meal, which brings Chef Hales’ Hot Fried Chicken with choice of three sides. Our preferences: Crispy Brussels Sprouts with pepper relish, Sea Islands White Corn Grits with green tomato marmalade, and Whipped Potatoes with chives.

It goes without saying that you’ll want to try the fried chicken on the menu. This dish will let you indulge in said chicken with THREE side dishes so that you’ll be fully satisfied once the meal is over. It’s a great menu sampler and an amazing way to share with your brunch peeps.

Standout dishes: You’d never think I’d highlight a salad at a gluttonous brunch, but the Bird Waldorf Pulled Chicken Salad is not only a favorite among guests, it’s also the kind of salad you want to indulge in every single day. With frisee, spinach, nuts, apple, cheddar and Benton’s ham vinaigrette, this salad brings balance to the menu and shows how talented Chef Hales really is since the lighter options are equally as well-thought out and impressive.

Another favorite? The Sweet Potato Pancake Stack with toasted marshmallow, candied walnut and maple syrup. Although I would gladly eat pancakes of any kind, this rendition had a certain je ne sais quoi with the extra sweet touches of the sweet potato and marshmallows. Our brunch bunch devoured these in a matter of minutes.

Are we boozing? If you’ve been reading our reviews these last few months, you know I’m incredibly pregnant and have been doing my best to document non-alcoholic beverages. As so, I’m happy to report that Bird & Bone offers specialty smoothies like the Hydrate with watermelon, cucumber, raspberry, chia, lime, and coconut water. The perfect beverage to help cool things off for me and my growing belly!

But, let’s be honest, what is brunch without some bottomless booze? At Bird & Bone you can enjoy several bottomless options including: Classic Mimosas, Bellinis, Bloody Marys, Rolling Rock (American lager), and Ginger Peach Sangria (Midnight Moon peach moonshine, white wine, white peach purée, orange, ginger beer).  If maybe you’re trying to take things easy, you can opt for a glass of various wines, perhaps a cocktail, or nice cold beer.

Check this place out if you like: Southern hospitality favorites like Yardbird. Where the fried chicken is overflowing and the biscuits are abundant (and butter filled).

Mel’s take: At 8 months pregnant, if you say “fried chicken,” I say, “how fast?” Apart from having a weak spot for all Southern food, Bird & Bone does a great job at making sure you’re eating locally-sourced dishes that feel fresh and dare I say light? Also, The Confidante just oozes cool, and now that the weather will take a turn for the better in Miami, this is the type of brunch you’ll want to savor during the fall and winter months by the beach.

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