MMTM’s Best of 2014!

Happy New Year foodies! We’ve officially made it to 2015 and we’re super excited to see what’s in store for us in the year ahead. But, before we get too far ahead of ourselves, we wanted to take one final look at the foodie year that was 2014. Our first year of blogging was a blast and here’s a recap of some of our favorite bites, sips, and overall discoveries.

Favorite Appetizer
Mitch – A5 Wagyu Smoked Gouda Croquettes (SHIKANY): I’m not usually one for avant garde dishes, but I had heard so much about Chef Michael Shikany’s brilliance that I had to check it out. To the surprise of my senses of smell, sight, and taste, the croquettes were the perfect amalgamation of “food art” and “comfort food.”

Wagyu Croquettes

Mel – The Carver (2 Jive Turkeys Food Truck): I’m lucky enough to try out some of the best food in town, but location and luxury are arbitrary when it comes to taste. The best appetizer I tried this year? The Carver from 2 Jive Turkeys Food Truck, a combination of tender cuts of Cajun deep fried turkey breast on top of crispy, natural cut French fries with cranberry sauce on the side. Superb.


Favorite Entrée
Mitch – Fried Chicken & Cheddar Waffles (Tongue & Cheek): I love me some Chicken & Waffles, and this sweet, savory, and deceptively light brunch staple at Tongue & Cheek continues to be one of the best in town.

Main 1
Mel – Angus Rib Eye and English Pea Risotto (Bourbon Steak by Michael Mina): I still dream about this dish. The perfectly cooked farro risotto and a cut of Angus rib eye that was poached in clarified butter per Mr. Mina’s signature stamp. This entire dish was perfection.

Steak & Risotto

Favorite Dessert
Mitch White Chocolate Nutella Croissant Bread Pudding (Chef Adrianne’s Vineyard Restaurant & Wine Bar): Simply put, this dessert is to die for. Words do not do it justice, so just feast your eyes on the photo below. Or better yet, drop what you’re doing, head down to Kendall, and #treatyoself!

MelMichy’s Bread Pudding (Michy’s Pop-Up): Over the years dessert has somehow lost the luster it had for me as a child. However, my love for sweets was momentarily restored with Michy’s Bread Pudding with raisins, Cognac, chocolate chunks, orange rind, and vanilla ice cream. This dessert will make a believer out of anyone.


Favorite Cocktail
Mitch Sonny Rollins Punch (by MGFD’s Ryan Goodspeed, tasted at Cochon 555): I love a good Bourbon cocktail and when I tried this punch that combines it with tea, orange blossom honey, lemon juice, soda water, and orange bitters, it was love at first sip!

MelLa Rubia (Wynwood Brewery): I never fully understand when someone tells me that they don’t like the taste of beer. My mouth salivates at the thought of opening a crisp, cold beer. That said, I’m a big supporter of the local brewery scene and, specifically, Wynwood Brewery and their delectable La Rubia beer. Cheers!


Image via Miami New Times

Favorite Brunch
Mitch – Oolite Restaurant and Bar: A full menu of gluten free dishes? Needless to say I was skeptical. However, the brunch at Oolite is chock full of variety and flavor and the standout Huevos Rancheros can stand up to any gluten-filled counterpart.

Huevos Rancheros
MelBuns & Buns: I loved the personalization that this menu offers and the overload of carbohydrates doesn’t hurt either. It’s the perfect neighborhood spot with delicious food and a cozy ambience. I also happened to get engaged shortly after this brunch, so I’m a bit biased. Apart from my obsession with the truffle fries, this place will always have a special place in my heart.


Favorite Lunch
Mitch The Japanese Market: The last place you’d expect to find an authentic sushi bar is in a shopping center on the Kennedy Causeway, but this delicious hole-in-the-wall in North Bay Village serves up some of the best food this side of Tokyo’s Tsukiji Fish Market.

The Japanese Market
MelOTC: Amidst the hustle and bustle of Brickell is OTC, a little gem with a menu that will leave you satisfied way past the lunch hour. Enjoy a beer or glass of wine and don’t forget to order the Tuna Poke. Make sure to make your next business lunch at OTC, it’s totally worth the traffic you might encounter in this rapidly growing neighborhood.


Favorite Dinner
Mitch Marlins Park: Whether or not you’re a baseball fan, the foodie in you will definitely enjoy the culinary offerings of Marlins Park. My mouth is salivating right now just thinking about sinking my teeth into the Goya Panini. Smoked turkey + fried ham croquette + platanos maduros + Swiss cheese + guava key lime aioli + Cuban bread = heaven in my mouth! The April 6th home opener can’t come soon enough!

MelEating House: This establishment can now be considered a staple in the Coral Gables neighborhood. Reservations are still a must and the high demand to get a coveted table is worth the fuss. We’ve never had a bad meal at this place; it’s one of the few restaurants where you’ll never go wrong. I don’t say that lightly so this is by far my most memorable dinning experience of 2014. Don’t leave without trying the Pasta Carbonara – best I’ve had in Miami.

Pasta Carbonara

Favorite Foodie Event
Mitch Brooklyn Brewery Mash’s Dinner on the Farm: I cannot think of a more perfect Sunday Funday experience… Dining outdoors at Paradise Farms in beautiful Miami weather with refreshing craft beer and fresh local food. What more could you ask for?

36_Dinner on the Farm

Mel – Coffee Cupping Session at Juan Valdez Cafe: As many of you may know I’m from Colombia, so when I found out that Juan Valdez was opening its doors in sunny South Florida I was thrilled. Even more so, when I had a chance to experience my first coffee cupping session. As a coffee fanatic this was a big win for me and a nice, refreshing break from that other coffee store we spend too much time at but won’t name (rhymes with schmarbucks.)


Favorite Interview
Mitch Chef’s Corner with Fabio Viviani: I know that you’re all sick of me fan boying out on Chef Fabio, but it was just really cool to meet and interview this crazy character that I watched on Top Chef. However, in all seriousness, the fact that he took time out of his busy schedule to try and get to know the foodie writers in Miami as he prepped for the launch of Siena Tavern speaks volumes.


Mel Behind the Bar with Bryan Canales: As a Miami native, I get incredibly excited to see my friends doing great things in our city. When I had the chance to interview Bryan from Radio Bar, my heart burst with pride. Bryan is an old high school friend and I was so excited to see how he’s followed his passion and succeeded at doing so.


While it’s been fun to look back, a new year also brings the promise of new beginnings and prospects for the future. So, we thought it would only be fitting to share our New Year foodie resolutions for 2015 with you as well.

Mitch – One of the best things about blogging has been getting to know our fellow food bloggers. The community has truly accepted us and on the rare occasions we all get together it’s been really, really fun to share stories, opinions, and general dining experiences. In the coming year, I’m going to make it a point to foster and grow these foodie friendships because what’s better than a dinner party? Or a lunch party? Or a brunch party? Well, you get the point…we’re gonna eat.

Mel – My mom is the most excellent cook in the entire universe and I’m being humble. I tend to be pretty darn good at it when I get the courage to get in the kitchen. In 2015, I will do my very best to try out more recipes and make my mom proud or at the very least give my fiancé a home cooked meal.

Now that you know what we’re excited about, we want to hear from you! Leave us a comment with what foodie adventure you’re most looking forward to in 2015!

Happy New Year!
Mitch & Mel

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