Brunching at Bakehouse Brasserie

By Melanie Galarce

Bakehouse Brasserie (808 First Street, Miami Beach) is a charming Parisian-style eatery serving pastries, all-day brunch, cocktails of course, since it’s aptly located in Miami Beach’s swanky neighborhood, South of Fifth. It feels like lately we’ve been visiting SoFi (as it’s known to locals) quite a bit lately, and we’re stoked about the foodie scene in one of our favorite spots in Miami. The small but glamorous restaurant seats less than a 100 and offers grab-and-go baked goodies from 7-10AM at which point the restaurant opens up for an all-day brunch rendezvous.

Menu highlights: I stepped foot into Bakehouse on a late Sunday afternoon, so my experience had a big focus on the brunch offerings. My Chilean husband, who will always opt for a good cut of meat if on the menu, ordered the Steak Frites with a Midwest Angus filet mignon and fresh cut fries. Needless to say, he raved about the tenderness of the meat and bathed the dish in the savory garlic butter that adorned it.

Inspired by the French motif, I ordered a Croque Madame with French ham, Gruyere, fried egg, and Mornay sauce on sourdough bread. Some might argue that the Croque Madame is really just a grilled cheese sandwich with an egg, and although that’s technically true, it’s the next-level ingredients used to make this version (including the Mornay sauce) that make the dish really stand on its own.

Standout dishes: When I saw the Crawfish Beignets on the menu, I knew we were in for a treat. As any foodie knows, beignet is the French term for a pastry made from deep-fried choux pastry, and these crawfish fitters came with citrus remoulade sauce so that we could gluttonously bathe them carefully prior to consumption. It was divine.

Perhaps the most memorable dish of this brunch was the Croissant French Toast with bananas foster and cream cheese glaze. Let’s be honest, French toast is superb on its own, but when you substitute it for a French-quality croissant and stuff it with caramelized fruit (bananas and strawberries), and top it off by drizzling cream cheese, the entire dish just goes to the next level.

Are we boozing? Holy yes, because that’s what brunch was made for. Specifically, we’d recommend you booze with the Bakehouse Bloody Mary, a pepper and jalapeño and citrus Vodka concoction that was meant to give you life. Notably, I hate tomato juice and, as so, stay as far away from Bloody Marys as much as humanly possible, but this is not a novice rendition. It’s a sophisticated version that has temporarily made me a believer. The beverage menu also includes bottomless mimosas daily, frozen rosé, nitro coffee cocktails, and a Bakehouse favorite – The Frenchie (French gin, pomplemousse, St. Germaine, Lillet, and lemon). An assortment of coffee beverages are also available.

Check this place out if you like: Bakehouse Brasserie is the brainchild of the Menin Hospitality team known for Miami hot spots like Bodega, Halves and Wholes, and Pizza Bar, among others. At any Menin-led location, you’ll usually find a very curated experience with good food and even better vibes. That’s what Bakehouse feels like: a good French-inspired brunch menu where the booze is flowing and the ambiance is bumpin’.

Mel’s take: I really loved brunch at Bakehouse Brasserie. One of the most amazing things about living in Miami is that occasionally you’ll feel like a tourist in your own city. That’s really what it felt like to be at Bakehouse for brunch. While tourists flocked in for a mimosa and Parisian croissant, I gawked at the foreigners, consumed way too many calories, and fell head over heels for this swanky bakery. I’d highly recommend it, if not for the good food, for the fleeting feeling of being elsewhere while you’re still in the comfort of your own back yard.

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