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Welcome to Mitch and Mel Take Miami!

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We met as co-workers, have worked at three different jobs and traveled the world together, and our friendship only continues to grow. Setting out on this endeavor was a long time coming, but it was only a matter of when. It’s the physical expression of collaboration, camaraderie, love for the city we call home, and mutual passion for food.

Mitchell Nover: mitch.mmtm@gmail.com
@mnover81 on Twitter
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A native of the DC Metro Area, I’ve lived in Miami since 2005. Since moving here I’ve really grown to love the city, so much so that I’ve even adopted the distinctive Miami accent – literally! The main reason I love living here is the cultural variety and how it expresses itself through language, style, art, entertainment, and, most of all, food. As a self-proclaimed foodie, one of my favorite ways to experience this diversity is through our local food scene. I’m no culinary authority, but I’m an adventurous eater and am always willing to try something new and different. I hope you’ll join me as I continue to explore all that Miami has to offer.

Melanie Garcia: mel.mmtm@gmail.com
@GarMelanie on Twitter
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Born and raised in Miami, but I’m the antithesis of the Miami girl stereotype. Slightly obsessed with food, which is part of the reason why I’ve forced myself to make the gym a habit. I am by no means an expert on food, nor will I ever claim to be, but I’m pretty solid about spotting a good grub spot. You’ll usually find me on the hunt for the next big thing around our neighborhood, and I get excited when I’ve found a good location to write about and share with you.